1975  Subject 1979  Subject
 1975-1 Creates A Citizens Advisory Council  1979-A Montello Town Boudaries Adjustment
 1975-A Zones County Into Districts Suitable For Agriculture, Residential, Commercial And Industrial  1979-AA Adds Mobile Home Park As A Conditional Use In C-2 District
 1975-B Adopts Provisions For The Control Of Dogs  1979-A-LB Allows Revocation Of Liquor License For Specific Violations
 1975-C Provides For The Classification Of The Administration Of The Elko County Employees Salary Schedule  1979-B Includes Convention Center-Auditorium Fund Room Tax
 1975-D Establishes Speed Limits In Jarbidge  1979-B-LB  Allows County Sheriff To Issue A Temporary Liquor License
 1975-E Establishes Rate Of Compensation For Election Board Officers And Deputy Sheriffs  1979-C  Permits Liquor License Revocation For Certain Violations
 1975-F Prohibits The Use Of County Motor Vehicles For Private Purposes  1979-C-LB Amends Notice To Customers Requirements On Liquor Sales
 1975-G  Permits County Officials To Charge A Fee For Photocopying And Certifying Public Records  1979-D Requires The Establishment Of A Usable Water Source Prior To Clearing Arid Or Semi-Arid Lands
 1975-H  Provides That County May Regulate The Sale Of Intoxicating Liquors Within County  1979-D-LB  Allows For Suspension And Probation Of A Liquor License For Certain Violations
 1975-I Allows The Elko County Department Of Engineering Services The Authority To Approve Or Deny Parcel Maps  1979-E Establishes Regulations And Fees Of The County License Board For All Places Of Amusement, Entertainment and Recreation
 1975-J Requires Fingerprinting Of Applicants For Liquor Licenses And Of Personnel Serving Alcoholic Beverages At Retail Establishments  1979-F Establishes The Citizen's Advisory Council For Jackpot
 1975-L Adopts Open Space Use Assessment  1979-G Allows Sheriff To Issue Temporary Liquor License Under Special Circumstances
     1979-I Establishes A Department Of Welfare
  1977  Subject  1979-J Amends Liquor Code Requirement of Notice To Customers
  1977-A  Establishes Rates, Rules and Regulations For Sewer Services In West Wendover  1979-K   Requires A COO For Buildingd Or Structures In Group M
 1977-A-LB  Amends Elko County Liquor Code  1979-L   Amends Jackpot Sewer Regulations
 1977-C  Exempts Southwest Gas Corporation From Collection Of Franchise Taxes  1979-M  Provides The Creation Of The Office Of The Public Defender In And For The County Of Elko
 1977-D Amends "Bills And Payments" Section Of County Code   1979-N  Establishes Compensation For Deputy Clerk Issuing Marriage Licenses on Weekends
 1977-F Adopts Liquor Control Board Codes As Elko County Code  1979-Q   Speed Regulations in Pleasant Valley
 1977-G Establishes Rates, Rules and Regulations For Water Services In West Wendover  1979-R  Provision Requiring Custumer To Pay The Price of Meters Installed For Water Service
 1977-H Establishes Rates, Rules and Regulations For Sewer Services In West Wendover  1979-S  Review of City-County Civic Auditorium Authority and Land Map Representation
     1979-T  Provision Which Requires ApplicantsFor Aoning Adjustments To Pay Adjusting Fees For Legal Notices
  1978  Subject  1979-U   Establishes Compensation For Deputy Clerks Who Issue Marriage Licenses During Weekends
 1978-A  Adopts Unincorporated Town Government Laws  1979-V  Subdivision Ordinance To Remove Exemptions For Large Parcels
 1979-A-LB Allows For Termination Of Liquor License When Premises Are Vacated or Abandoned  1979-W  Establishes Sewer Regulations In Montello
 1978-B  Amends County Code To Include The "State Of Nevada Energy Conservation Standards For New Building Construction"  1979-Y  Amends "Moving Building" Section of County Code To Require A Foundation Prior To Allowance Of Movement Of Building or Structure
 1987-C  Amends NRS Of Town Advisory Boards  1979-Z  Allows Planning Commission To Restrict The Reclassification of Zoning To The Particular Purpose For Which The Reclassification Was First Sought
 1978-D  Includes Section Addressing Dangerous Or Visious Animals Within County    
 1978-E  Adds New Chapter "Health and Sanitation"  1980  Subject
 1978-F  Adds New Chapter dealing with Discharge Of FIrearms In Or Near Jarbidge 1980-A  Requires Evidence Of State Contractor's License For Type Of Construction Being Considered Before Permits Shall Be Issued
 1978-G  Amends Code To Allow Employees Anniversary Date To Occur On Dates Other Than July 1  1980-B  Revokes "Lamoille Sewer District"
 1978-H  Adds A New Section To Code That Deals With Disorderly Conduct  1980-C  Allows Suspension and Probation Of Liquor License For Certain Violations
 1978-K  Prohibitts Overnight Camping Within Jarbidge  1980-D  Creates High Rise General Commercial -Tourism Commercial District
1978-L  Establishes Rates, Rules, and Regulations For Water Services In Montello  1980-F  Increses The Compensation For Election Board Officials
 1978-M  Regulates The Moving Of Buildings In And Out Of Elko County  1980-G Determines To Not Create The Lamoille Sewer District
 1978-N  Adds Section To COde To Provide Dog Control In Jarbidge  1980-H Provides A Procedure For Zoning Changes
 1978-Q Amends Code Regarding Discharge Of Firearms Near Spring Creek, Jarbidge, And Montello  1980-I Provisions For A Truck Service Station As A Conditional Use
 1978-R Allows For Termination Of Liquor License When Premises Are Vacated or Abandoned  1980-J Redesignates Service Connections As Installation Connections To Jackpot Water System
     1980-K Requires Deposits For Residential Sewer Connections In Jackpot
     1980-L Creates A Mortatorium On The Issuance Of Building Permits On Certain Lands West Of The Elko Airport
     1980-M Establishes Service Collection Fees On A Cost Basis For Montello Water
     1980-N Adopts Unincorporated Town Government Laws
     1980-O Provides Minimal Residency Requirements For Transit Medical Care
     1980-P Places Limitations On Filing Fees Charges For Tentative Maps Of Divisions Of Land Into Large Parcels
     1980-Q Prohibits Any Person Under The Age Of Twenty-One To Possess Or Consume Any Intoxicating Liquor
     1980-R Amends The Boundaries Of Jackpot
     1980-S Amends Services To Jackpot
     1980-T Allows The Formation Of An Unincorporated Town
     1980-V Temporarily Prohibits Occupancy Until Sewer Conditions Exist
     1980-W Creates A Mortatorium On The Issuance Of Building Permits On Certain Lands West Of The Elko Airport
     1980-X-E Authorizes The Issuance Of $100,000 Principal Amount Of Sewer Revenue Bonds Of 1980 Of Jackpot