1985  Subject                                  1982  Subject
1985-A Requires Official Addresses Be Visibly Posted Within The Town Of West Wendover 1982-A  Allows Establishment Of Cable Television System In West Wendover
1985-C  Establishes Regular Meeting Dates For The Board Of County Commissioners 1982-B  Changes Impound Fees For Dogs And Amends Penalties For Failure To Abide By The Provisions
1985-D  Increases Connection Fees To The Jackpot Sewer System 1982-C  Adds Provision Pertaining To Lost Or Abandoned Property
1985-E  Increases Connection Fees To The Jackpot Sewer System 1982-D  Allows County Commission To Grant Additional Sick Leave When Initial Amount Has Been Exhausted
1985-F  Creates The West Wendover Recreation District As A General Improvement District 1982-E  Requires Club 93 To Pay $200/ Month To Water And Sewer Fund
1985-G  Increases The Sewer Service Charge For Use In Jackpot Sewer System 1982-F  Provides Aid For Victims Of Domestic Violence
1985-H  Ammends Fee For A Liquor Work Permit 1982-H  Grants Franchise To Misco Inc In West Wendover
1985-I  Assigns Certain Room Taxes Within Town Of West Wendover 1982-I  Requires Board Approval Of West Wendover Sewer Regulations Expansions
1985-J  Establishes A Seperate Fund In The County Treasury For Medical Assistance To Indigent Persons 1982-J  Amends Code Pertaining To Outdoor Advertising Signs
1985-K  Temporarily Prohibits the Granting Of Conditional Use Permits For Structures To Be Used In The Disposal Of Hazardous Waster 1982-K  Provides Amended Powers, Duties and Qualifications Of Advisory Council Of West Wendover, Mountain CIty, Jackpot and Montello
1985-L  Temporarily Prohibits Issuance Of Building Permits For Structure To Be Used In The Disposal Or Storage Of  Hazardous Waste                               1982-M  Adds Code Speed Regulations To Public Roads In Spring Creek Subdivisions
    1982-N  Grants Franchise To D. McBride For Collection Of Solid Waste
 1984  Subject                          1982-O  Forbids Establishment And Operation Of Adult Bookstrores And Adult Motion Picture Theaters
 1984-A  Flood Damage Prevention 1982-Q  Connection Charge Schedule Of Montello Sewer Codes Ammended To Include Connection Charge And Hookup Charge
1984-B  Establishes Speed Regulations In West Wendover    
1984-C  Operation and Maintenance Of Mountain City Sewer System 1981  Subject
1984-E  Raises Room Tax In West Wendover To 8% 1981-A  Establishes Requirements For Liquor Licenses                                                              
1984-F  Establishes Regional Transportation Commission And Imposes A County Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax 1981-B  Requires Installation Of Grease Traps In Commercial Kitchens In Jackpot
1984-G  Requires Legal Access Before Development Of Land 1981-C  Amends Jackpot Sewer Regulations
1984-H  Requires Appointment Of New Member In Case Of Vacancy In Town Advisory Boards 1981-D  Defines "Agriculture Purposes" and "Land Development" As Used In County Code
1984-I  Regulates The Presence Of And COnduct Of Minors On The Streets And In Public Places In Jackpot 1981-E Establishes Conservation Reserve Districts 
1984-J  Amends Established Speed Regulations In West Wendover 1981-G  Recoupment Of Expenses For Defense Of Indigent Defendants
1984-K  Requires The Purchase Of Residential Water Meteres From The County 1981-J  Defines "Public Authority" For Limited Purposes
1984-M  Establishes A Procedure For Obtaining Locksmith Or Safe Mechanic Permits From Sheriff 1981-K Expands Scope Of Firearm Violations In Jarbidge
     1981-L  Omitts Certain Rates From Water Service In West Wendover
1983  Subject    
1983-B  Includes Dog Control In West Wendover    
1983-C  Adds Special Connection Charges And Rates For Jackpot Sewer Regulations    
1983-E  Adds Additional Charges In The West Wendover Sewer And Water Services    
1983-G  Changes Sewer Rate In West Wendover and Establishes Minimum Rate    
1983-I  Provision For Equaliization Of Room Tax Collected From Licensees By The County    
1983-K   Allows Collection Of Tax For The Promotion Of Tourism In Elko COunty    
1983-L   Extends "West Wendover Water Regulations" By Prohibiting Issuance Of Building Permits To Users Of Water Without Compliance    
1983-M  Increases Room Tax In Township Of Jackpot    
1983-N  Adopts Misdemeanor Traffis Laws From NRS And Criminal Offenses And Punishments Into Elko County Code    
1983-O  Increases The Elko County Law Library Fund Fees    
1983-P  Creates Change In The Plan Review Fee