1990  Subject 1988  Subject
1990-A  Establishes Speed Limit On CR 711-B 1988-A  Provides For Reimbursement, Financial Or Medical Assistance For Indigent Persons
1990-B  Repeals Restrictions On Adult Bookstores And Motion Picture Theatres 1988-B  Allows For Construction Of Television District
1990-C  Establishes Requirements For Maps Of Land Division Into Large Parcels 1988-C  Provides Counseling And Medical Treatment For Victims Of Sexual Assault
1990-D  Require NDOT Certificate On Property That Abuts State Highway 1988-D  Establishes A 1/4 of $0.01 Tax on Sale Of Tangible Personal Property
1990-F  Establishes Licensing Regulations On Sexually Oriented Businesses 1988-E  Allowss The Issuance Of Temporary parking Permits For Temporar Handicaps
1990-G  Limits The Location Of Adult Businesses In West Wendover 1988-F  Prohibits Burning, Scavenging Or Salvaging At SOlid Wate Sites
1990-H  Prohibits Stopping Or Parking Of Any Vehicle In The County In Specified Places 1988-G  Raises County Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax From $0.02 to $0.04 per Gallon
1990-I  Creates Occupancy Conditions On Streets And Highways 1988-H  Provides Franchise For The Collection And Disposal Of Garbage At Wildhorse Resevoir
1990-J  Amends Highway Definition To Coincide With State Statute 1988-I  Establishes School Speed Zone For Spring Creek Elementary
1990-K  Requires Proof Of Water/ Sewer Connection Fees Prior To A Building Permit Being Issued 1988-J  Establishes A Speed Limit In Spring Creek
1990-L  Intitiates Creation Of General Improvement District For Public Schools 1988-K  Makes Littering And Dumping Of Garbage Unlawful On Public Or Private Property
1990-N  Prohibits Stopping Or Parking Of Any Vehicle In The County In Specified Places 1988-L  Requires New Structures With Sewer Disposal To Connect Tp Connect To Public Sewer System
1990-O  Adds "Assemblies" To Code 1988-M  Creates Flood Damage Prevention
1990-P  Creates The Welfare Department    
1990-R Amends The Aid To Victims Of Sexual Assault Ordinance  1987  Subject
1990-S  Prohibits Camping Within The Unincorporated Town Of Montello  1987-A  Amends Service Requirement For Step Agreement
1990-T  Amends Requirements For Maps Of Land Division Into Large Parcels 1987-B  Amends West Wendover Water District Rates
1990-U  Increases Fees For Spring Creek Landfill 1987-D  Increase Service Charge For Jackpot Sewer System
1990-V  Initiates Merger Of West Wendover Recreation District And City Of Elko 1987-F  Creates "Flood Damage Protection"
1990-W  Provides Bonding Exemptions From Bonding Requirements 1987-G  Amends "Light Industrial Zoning" Regulations
    1987-H  Regulates Gaming And Requires Licensing
1989  Subject 1987-I  Establishes Seperate Fund For Forensic Services
1989-A  Establishes The Midas Water District 1987-J  Amends The Population Requirement On Advisory Boards
1989-B  Increases Board Of Commissioners From 3 Members To 5  1987-K  Establishes Speed Limit On Jack Creek Road
1989-C  Increases Fee For Dog Licensing 1987-L  Establishes Parking Zone In Wendover
1989-E Creates Citizen Advisory Council For Montello   1986  Subject
1989-F  Includes Dead Animals In Definition Of "Garbage" 1986-A  Establishes Rates For Commssioner Services Completed 
1989-G  Provides Misdemeanor Penalties For Zoning Ordinance Violations 1986-B  Provisions Of Federal Fair Labor Standards Act
1989-H  Creates Midas Water District 1986-C  Authorizes General Water Improvements In West Wendover
1989-I  Establishes Speed Limit On County Road 715 1986-D  Provides For The Impoundment Of Dogs In Wendover, Utah
1989-J  Awards Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Revenue Bonds 1986-E  Redistricts The County Of Elko For The Election Of Commissioners
1989-L  Establishes Review System For Parcel Maps 1986-F  Imposes A $0.01 Tax On Motor Vehicle Fuel
1989-M  Establishes Spring Creek Landfill Use Fees 1986-G  Establishes A 1/4 of $0.01 Tax on Sale Of Tangible Personal Property
1989-N  Awards Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Revenue Bonds 1986-I  Modifies Procedure To Subdivide Certain Commercially And Industrial Zoned Real Property
1989-P  Establishes Speed Limit On Conuty Roads Within Gold Circle 1986-J  Increases Board Of Commissioners From 3 Members To 5
1989-Q  Authorizes Sanitary Sewer Bonds In Various Denominations 1986-L  Establishes Speed Limits In Lamoille And Montello
1989-R  Repeals "Outdoor Festivals" 1986-M  Establishes Speed Limit On Lower South Fork Road
1989-S  Repeals Section 2-3-2 (A) ($) Of County Code    
1989-T  Prohibits Overnight Camping On Public Lands In West Wendover    
1989-U  Requires Reconveyance From Deed Of Trust Trustee For Right Of Way Required Incident To A Division Of Land By Parcel Map    
1989-V  Prohibits Advisory Council Members In West Wendover To Serve As Elected Officials    
1989-W  Increases Room Tax In West Wendover