Ordinance No. 
 Subject Date Passed
Adds Misdemeanor Offense Of Possession of a Drug  Passed 6/7/2001 
Adds License and Fee Requirement For Race Books and Sports Pools  Passed 7/5/2001
Defines 5 County Commissioners Districts  Passed 2/7/2002
Adds 6% Tax On Hospital Revenues  Passed 3/20/2002
C  2002-03 Consolidate Mountain City/ Jarbidge Township  Passed 3/20/2002
D  2002-04 Requires fictitious Business Name Every 5 Years  Passed 5/1/2002
E  2002-05 Amends the Collection of Certain Fuel Taxes  Passed  5/1/2002
F  2002-06 Amends Hospital Sale Proceeds  Passed 8/6/2002
G  2002-07 Adds Additional Animal Control District In Ryndon  Passed 8/7/2002
Allow Family Cemeteries in Open Spaces  Passed 8/8/2002
I  2002-09 Amends Wildlife Advisory Board Operational Procedures  Passed 9/4/2002 
J  2002-10 Waives Setback and Lot Sizes Requirements in Montello  Passed 12/4/2003 
 A  2003-01 Allow Early Repayment of the Jail Construction Project  Passed 3/19/2003
 D  2003-04 Change the Membership of the Elko County Public Land Use  Passed 8/6/2003
 E  2003-05 Amending the Elko county code Entitled Sanitation Districts  Passed 11/5/2003
 F  2003-06 Merging the Tecoma Township Into the Wells Township  Passed 12/2/2003
 B  2004-02 To Create the Office of the Elko county Public Guardian  Passed 8/4/2004
 C  2004-03 Include Additional Definitions, Standard for Division of Lands into Large Parcels and Parcel Maps  Passed 9/1/2004
 D  2004-04 Make the Definition of Misdemeanor Assault Conform With the Nevada Revised Statute 200471  Passed 11/3/2004
 D  2005-04 To Delegate Approval of Claims to the Elko County Manager  Passed 9/7/2005
 E  2005-05 Update the Applicable Building Codes  Passed 9/7/2005
 F  2005-06 Update Fire Code  Passed 9/7/2005
 G  2005-07 Adopting the 2003 Edition of The International Building Code Appendix H, as the Elko County Sign Code  Passed 9/7/2005
 H  2005-08 Authorizing Elko county Participation in the Central Nevada Regional Water Authority Pursuant to the Inter local Cooperation Act NRS Chapter 277  Passed 10/6/2005