Resolution Number  Subject Date Passed
01-2005 Resolution granting Lamoille Women's Club free use of the Lamoille Grove in June of each year for the Lamoille County Fair 1/6/2005
02-2005 Resolution allowing the donation of old voting machine equipment to other governmental entities in Elko County 2/2/2005
03-2005 Resolution Regarding the need for regional inventory of ground water resources 3/2/2005
04-2005 Resolution regarding the intention to lease a county parcel in Spring creek for the purpose of a vehicle parking lot 3/2/2005
05-2005 Resolution for a one time donation of $5,000 to the Wells Family Resources and Cultural Center 4/6/2005
06-2005 Declaration of Emergency- Flooding Damage in Jarbidge 5/18/2005
06-2005 A resolution authorizing medium tern obligation for 1,100,000. 5/18/2005
07-2005 Transfer From the Elko County General Fund to the Elko County Dentention Center 6/15/2005
08-2005 Transfer from the Elko County General Fund to the Elko County Clerks Election Fund 6/15/2005
09-2005 Transfer from Contingency Fund to Assorted Funds 6/15/2005
10-2005 Transfer from Contingency Fund to General Fund 7/15/2005
11-2005 Transfer from Juvenile Probation to General Fund 6/15/2005
12-2005 Donation of $ 1,00 to Gasper J. Salaz Auxiliary Post to assist families of soldiers currently deployed overseas to fight war against terrorism  6/15/2005

Levy Tax rates for Elko County Nevada for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2005

14-2005 Close the petty cash account of the Assessors Office and the revolving checking account for personal tax collection of the Assessors Office 8/4/2005
15-2005 Close the Hospital Pollution Fund  
16-2005 In Remembrance of September 11, 2005 tragedy and the support for troops fighting the war 9/7/2005
17-2005 Readoption of the Elko County Building Inspection Department Fee Schedule 9/7/2005
18-2005 Create an Agency fund entitled Central Nevada Water Authority Fund 11/2/2005
19-2005 Fixes the speed limit to 25 mph in the Valley Vista and Gustin Subdivisions in the Spring Creek Area 12/7/2005