Ordinance No. 
 Subject Date Passed
 2006 Medium Term Note Ordinance  Passed 4/5/2006
Create New Animal Control Districts in the Lucky Nugget and Western Hills Area  Passed 8/2/2006
Provide Funding for Pro Bono Legal Aid and for Legal Aid for Abused and Neglected Children    Passed 10/5/2006
Medium Term Note Ordinance  Passed 6/7/2007
Creating Agricultural - Residential Conservation Reserve District 1 for Parcels of At Least 2.5 Acres  Passed 10/4/2007
C  2007-03 Authorizing the issuance by the County of it " Elko County" Nevada General Obligation  Passed 10/4/2007
D  2007-04 Raising the Elko County Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax  Passed 12/12/2007
E  2007-05 To Correct a Typographical Error  Passed 1/2/2008
 A  2008-01 Require the Relinquishment of the Water Rights for Parcel Map Approval in Certain Designated Ground Water Basin  Passed 5/21/2008
 B  2008-02 Allowing the Use of Fingerprint Checks and Arrest Record for Licensing and Employment Purposes  Passed 9/3/2008
 C  2008-03 2008 Medium-term Rail Port Bond  Passed 10/10/2008
 A  2009-01 Changing the Focus From Public Land Issues to Public and Privately Owned Natural Recourse Issue  Passed 6/17/2009
 C  2009-02 Automatically Removing a Member for Unexcused Absences From Meetings of Boards, Commission, and Committees appointed by the Elko County Commission  Passed 5/6/2009
 D  2009-03 To Impose a $20.00 Filing Fee In Certain Cases to Provide for Programs for Court Security  Passed 9/2/2009
 A  2010-01  To Increase the Monetary Limit for the Prosecution of Petit Larceny from $ 100.00 to $ 250.00  Passed 6/9/2010
 B  2010-02  To Increase the Monetary Limited for the Prosecution of Misdemeanor Issuance of a Check or Draft Without Sufficient Funds or Audit  Passed 6/9/2010
 C  2010-03 An Amendment to Ordinance 7.1.16 Increasing the Monetary Amount From $100.00 to $250.00 to be Criminally Liable fro a Misdemeanor Offense of Possession of Stolen Property  Passed 6/9/2010
 E  2010-05 To Decrease the Minimum Width of Rural Gravel Roads from 26' to 20' in Open Space, Special Lands and Agricultural- Residential  Passed 8/5/2010
 F  2010-06 To Clarify the Minimum Parcel Size in an Open Space Zoning District Shall Be 1/16 of a Section or 40 Acres  Passed 8/5/2010
L 2010-12 Authorizing the Issuance of the Additionally Secured Elko county General Obligation ( Limited Tax ) Various Purpose and Refunding Bonds Passed 6/9/2010