2011 Resolutions


Resolution Number  Subject Passed Date
 01-2011 Abandon Right of Way in Contact- Nevills
 02-2011 Abandon Right of Way in Contact- Campbell
 03-2011  2011 Escrow Resolution Authorizing Redemption of Certain County Uutstanding Securities
03A-2011 Creation of Economic Diversification Authority VIA adoption of an amended inter-local cooperative agreement 1/5/11
 05-2011  Adoption and Endorsement of Report and Analysis Outlining the Rationale for Adoption of the 1982 Planning Rule of the Forest Service
 06-2011 Interfund Loan to the Jackpot Water Fund
 08-2011  Transfer of Appropriations from Contingency for the Elko General Fund
 09-2011 Transfer of Appropriations and Cash from Contingency to the Unincorporated Town of Jackpot Recreation Fund
 10-2011 Establishes an Enterprise Fund entitled Elko Area Transportation System Fund
 11-2011 Levy of Tax Rate for the County of Elko
 12-2011 Request from District Attorney for Attorney General Assistance on a Case.
 13-2011 Transfer of 2011 Private Activity Bond Cap to NRHA
 14-2011 Lease of County Property in Spring Creek
 15-2011 Sale of County Property on Mountain City Highway
 16-2011 Condemning Acts of Terrorism Remembering 9/11/2001
 17-2011 District Attorney Request for General Assistance
 18-2011 Establishes Ambulance Service Rates
 19-2011  Dirt Tax Opposition
 20-2011 Travel Management Plan
 21-2011 Abandon Right of Ways in Gold Circle