Proclamation    Subject
2015-A Designating January 2015 as National Radon Month
2015-B Designating April 12-18, 2015 as Nation Library Week
2015-C Designating April 13, 2015 as National Bookmobile Day
 2015-D  Designating May 2015 as Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month
 2015-E  Declaring May 2, 2015 as "Just Deserts Day"
2015-F  Declaring May 17-23, 2015 as "Emergency Medical Services Week"
2015-G Celebrating Newmont Mining Corporation's 50 Golden Years of Production and Partnership in Northeastern Nevada
 2015-H Celebrating and Honoring the Foster Families in Northeastern Nevada
2015-I Proclaiming August 4, 2015 as National Night Out
2015-L Honoring our Vietnam Veterans Declaring September 26, 2015 as "Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Day"