Resolution Number Subject Date Passed
01-2014 Ravens Declared a Nuisance Passed    1-22-14
02-2014 Supporting the Completion of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Review of the Yucca Mountain License Passed    3-5-14
03-2014 Request from DA for Assistance from Attorney General with Case Involving Prosecution of Staff Member Relative Passed    3-19-14
04-2014a Resolution to Demand Common Raven Be Removed from the List of Species Protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act Passed   4-2-14
05-2014 Request from DA for Assistance from Attorney General with Case Involving Prosecution of Former Staff Member Passed    3-19-14
05-2014a Air Ambulance Services Agreement Amended Passed 6-18-14
06-2014 Transfer of Funds from Contingency Fund to General Fund Passed     6-18-14
07-2014 Transfer of Funds from Contingency Fund to Youth Services Assessment Fund Passed    6-18-14
08-2014 Transfer of Funds from Contingency Fund to Ambulance Fund Passed    6-18-14
09-2014 Transfer of Funds from Contingency Fund to Tuscarora Enterprise Fund Passed    6-18-14
10-2014 Transfer of Funds from Contingency Fund to Elko Area Transit Service Fund Passed     6-18-14
11-2014 A Resolution to Authorize an Interfund Loan to the Ambulance Enterprise Fund from the County in Lieu of Taxes Fund Passed    6-18-14
12-2014 Approval of the Elko County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2013 Passed    6-18-14
13-2014 Resolution to Levy Tax Rate Beginning July 1, 2014 Passed    6-18-14
14-2014 A Resolution Declaring  A Critical Labor Shortage For the Position of Elko County Undersheriff Passed      8-20-14
15-2014 Elko County Nevada Petition to Congress Passed   9-4-14
16-2014 A Resolution in Support of an Appeal filed by Mr. John Carpenter in the Behalf of Pete and Lynn Tomera Against the BLM for Unwarranted Removal of their Livestock from the Argenta Allotment Unit in Lander and Eureka Counties Passed      9-17-14
17-2014 A Resolution In Support of the Nevada State Engineer in the Ruling Against the United States Department of Agriculture Claim to Vested Stock Water Rights Located Within the East Fork of the Owyhee River Basin Passed   
18-2014 A Resolution Reorganizing of the Elko County Fire Protection District from a Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 473 Fire District to a Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 474 Fire District Passed     10-2-14
19-2014 Elko County Statement of Opposition to the Cap on Taxation of Minerals and Margin Tax Ballot Questions on the 2014 General Election Ballot Passed   
20-2014 A Resolution Requesting a Congressional Hearing in Northern Nevada to Discuss Livestock Producer's Relationship With The bureau of Land Management Passed
21-2014 A Resolution Objecting to The Actions of The Bureau of Land Management, BLM State Director Juan Palma, US Attorney Carlie Christensen With Regard to The Protest of Recapture Canyon in San Juan County, Utah Passed
22-2014  A Resolution By The Elko County Board of Commissioners in Support of State and Local Law Enforcement as The Appropriate Enforcement Agencies For Nevada State Law  Passed
23-2014 A Resolution Establishing New Water Rates, Restoration/Reconection Charges and Application Deposits for the Town of Montello Water System Passed
24-2014 Approving the School Resource Officer Cooperative Agreement Between Elko County, The City of Elko and The Elko County School District  Passed