FAQ Phone Numbers


775.738.6816  For questions relating to zoning, setbacks, building permits or parceling land, contact Community Development. 
775.738.3108  For topographical maps, quad maps, and for the Elko County map, try our public records  page.  Or you can try Map House or the following website -  http://earth.google.com/
  Power Companies 
775.738.3188  Sierra Pacific Power 
775.752.3328  Wells Rural Electric 
208.645.2211  RaftRiver Electric 
800-832-2555 Southwest Gas 
  State Offices 
775.753.3553  For permit information on wells, call State Water Resources. 
775.753.1102  For information on water rights, Division of Water Resources. 
775.753.1138  For requirements for putting in a well and septic system, call the Department of Health. 
775.777.2700  For questions about access to parcels along state highways, call Nevada Department of Transportation. 
775.684.2940  For questions about mobile homes and titling of Mobile homes contact State of Nevada Manufactured Housing Division at http://mhd.nv.gov/ 
  Phone Companies
800.921.8101  Frontier Communications 
800.629.9993 Beehive Telephone Company Inc, of Nevada 
  City Entities 
775.777.7110  City of Elko     cityofelko@ci.elko.nv.us 
775.738.7135  Elko Area Chamber of Commerce, City of Elko 
775.754.6354  City of Carlin    ecodev@explorecarlin.nv.com 
775.752.3355  City of Wells 
775.752.3540  Chamber of Commerce, City of Wells 
775.664.3081  City of Wendover 
775.664.3188  Chamber of Commerce, City of Wendover 
  Title Companies  
775.738.5181 Stewart Title Company
775.738.7101 First American Title Company    775.738.4015 fax
For Tax Amounts
775.738.5694 Elko CountyTreasurer     treasurer@elkocountynv.net
  For Assessment Information and Assessor Plats
775.738.3088 Elko County Assessor     775.778.6795 Fax     assessor@elkocountynv.net
Please note the Assessor’s office has information about assessed values, ownership, and parcel size only.  We do not have records on soil composition, zoning, setbacks, and annual precipitation or water table levels or water quality.  We cannot give opinions as to whether or not any parcel is worth purchasing.  We cannot speculate as to whether or not parcels which are being considered for purchase may be in an area where there could be growth.  Regretfully, we cannot give driving directions to many of the parcels in our county, since many do not even have roads that go to them.  We can do our best to provide you with maps which may be useful to you and in some instances may be able to provide GPS coordinates that may assist you in locating your property.  We do not have information on water rights or mineral rights, and we do not perform title searches or undertake research to determine whether or not there is access to any given parcel.  Most routine data can be retrieved from the Elko county website: www.elkocountynv.net
         Click on Departments, then Assessor, and then upon  reaching the           
         Assessor home page, click on the link to view the records. 
  For Recording Information
775.738.6526 Elko County Recorder    recorder@elkocountynv.net
  Federal Offices
775.753.0200 Bureau of Land Management (local office)
775.861.6500 Bureau of Land Management Public Affairs Office (Reno office)
775.779.2237 Fish & Wildlife Services
775.738.5322 Geological Survey Water Resources
775.738.6445 Consolidated Farm Service Agency
775.738.5171 Humboldt Nation Forest Headquarters     Toll Free Visitor Information 1.800.764.3359
775.738.0571 Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dept. of the Interior
775.738.3341 United States Department of Agriculture/ Soil Conservation website  www.nrcs.usda.gov (Soil maps for private lands and aerial maps)