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Reporting On-the-job Injuries, Illnesses and Medical Treatment

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Flexible Spending Account Enrollment
The following information is intended for ALL Elko County Employees who are in a full time classification and eligible for Group Insurance and other Employee Benefits.
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Wellness Program

At Elko County, the health and safety of our employees is among our top priorities.  As part of our commitment to a healthier, happier workforce and with the rising cost of healthcare, providing a wellness program is important.  

As a result, employees and spouses covered on the health plan who choose to participate in the wellness program (health screening and questionnaire) will receive a 20% plan premium discount as well as a $200 deductible credit (for both employee and spouse)! 

If you are not able to attend the health fair you can still get the $200 deductible credit and premium discount by visiting your doctor and having a Physician Upload Form filled out by the deadline.  For information on the deadline, contact our Human Resources Office.  For the Physician Upload Form Click Here