Elko County Outdoor Emergency Contact Information Program



Sheriff Jim Pitts and the Elko County Sheriff’s Office is offering all hunters or people planning an outing within Elko County the ability to provide basic details of their planned activity in the event the Sheriff’s Office is needed in an emergency situation.  

The Sheriff’s Office has put together a short two page packet that contains the following information such as name(s), phone number, vehicle information, location of the activity and an emergency contact person with phone number. 

The information provided to the Sheriff’s Office will be used by deputies for a quicker response time by having the general location, vehicle information, of the person or persons to locate, in the event of an emergency.

The packets can be found at the following locations:

Elko County Sheriff’s Office 775 W. Silver Street Elko, NV:                  (775) 777-2514
Fax:  (775) 753-9845

Elko County Sheriff’s Office Wells Substation 6th Street Wells, NV:     (775) 752-3334

Elko County Sheriff’s Office Jackpot Substation                                    (775) 755-2391

Below is a link to the packet.  This is a fillable form that can be printed and either submitted in person to the above locations or faxed to the number above.

Outdoor Emergency Contact Form

If you have questions or concerns about the form or program, please contact the Elko County Sheriff's Office at (775) 777-2514.