I recently moved.  I need to change of address?    
You can request in writing using "change of address form" or include with your payment.

My mortgage company pays my taxes.  Why do I get a bill?    
We send you a green-colored tax bill for your records.

I own multiple parcels in Elko County.  Can I pay with one check?
Yes, you can.  Please make sure your addition is correct, and list the parcels of the properties you are paying on the check.  Include the stub(s) for each installment you are paying.

If I pay by mail, how can I get a receipt?
Your cancelled check is your receipt.  If you need a paid receipt, please check off the box in your tax bill and mail in your entire tax bill with your payment.

How do I know if my taxes are paid?
You can check your status by going online and checking the public records page.  You can search by your parcel # or by last name.  If you make an online payment, please allow 24 hours to process your payment.

Do you accept Postmarks?
Yes.  The postmark has to be no later than the due date on each installment.

I need to change or add a name on my tax bill, what do I need to do?
The name on a real estate tax bill is the name of the deed holder.  The treasurer's office cannot change the name on a property tax bill.  A change of name requires transfer of property through filing of legal documents through the Elko County Recorder's office.    Please contact that office at (775) 738-6526 for information about the fees required and other requirements.  For changes on the name on personal property or business you will need to contact the Assessor's office at (775) 738-5217.

**Please note that these offices cannot give legal advice**

Why didn't I receive my tax bill?
Have you moved recently?  Tax bills are sent to the last address or record.  Please contact our office for a duplicate bill.

Where do my tax dollars go?
Click here to see the breakdown of how tax dollars are distributed and to whom they are distributed. 

What is the tax rate on my property?
Click here to see the breakdown.