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April 25, 2019
10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

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If interested in joining our distribution listing for future tax sales, please send an email to  with your First and Last Name and your email address.

All properties listed on the Delinquent Tax Auction list were previously deeded to the Elko County Treasurer as trustee for the county and will be sold at public auction.  
The minimum bid includes, but is not limited to, taxes, penalties, interest and costs legally chargeable against the property.  The amount may also include liens related to delinquent sewer, special improvement district assessments, nuisance abatements and other like or related charges. 
Registration is open ONLY REGISTERED BIDDERS will be allowed to bid.
Property is sold as is.  The burden is on the prospective purchaser, rather than the county, to thoroughly research, before the sale, any matters relevant to his or her decision to purchase a property on this list.  The County Assessor's office will have maps and record information on all properties to be sold at their office location and online.  The County makes no representations or claims as to fitness for purpose, conditions, covenants or restrictions.  The County's sole interest is the recovery of the amounts owed.
The Treasurer's office will issue a Treasurer's Deed to the name indicated on the registration form  "name of ownership to be recorded on deed".  The Treasurer's office will record the deed within 30 days of the auction date and upon completion of the recording process the original deed will be mailed to the new owner.  If you wish to change the ownership name, it will be your responsibility to record a separate document.


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