How do we have the water in the creek turned on?  
No guarantees can be made that water will be flowing in the creek.  Water in the creek is determined by Mother Nature.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?
Serving alcohol at your event is permissible, but the County is not held responsible for any misuse and all state and local laws must be adhered.

Where do our guests park?
There is parking along some of the sides of the groves.  Please be considerate of the residents and don’t park in their drive ways or block access to their homes or businesses.

Can we move the picnic tables?   
Yes, you can move the tables, but you must return them back to their original spots when cleaning up and by the end of your alloted reservation.

How do we turn off the sprinkler system?    
The sprinkler system is timed not to interfere with any reserved events.  Staff is informed of event reservations and makes every attempt to make sure watering is done on off days.

Who cleans up?   
As the renter, you are responsible for the clean up of the Grove, including all trash and replacing the picnic tables.  Elko County provides a large waste bin during the summer months for Grove users.



What about noise?
We ask that you are considerate of the neighbors when your event runs late into the evening.  Effective 7-24-13 new policies were adopted by the Elko County Board of Commissioners for use of the grove and include all sound amplification equipment will be turned off by 8:00 p.m.