Historical and Miscellaneous Data


 1-21-14  Pest Control Handbook with Permit Process and Federal Register Info
 12-13  BLM EIS Handout - Land Use Plan Amendment
 6-6-13  Utah Sage Grouse Habitat Guide
 7-31-12  Recommendations to Governor for Conservation of Sage Grouse
 6-4-12  The Ultimate Subsidized Predator
 6-4-12  Tentative Outline on Sage Grouse Management Plan
 6-4-12  Cliff Gardner Historical Presentation
 5-12-12  The Greater Sage Grouse Does Not Warrant Listing Under ESA
 4-19-12  Sage Grouse Selective Management - Budget on Birds
 4-4-12  The Great(er) Sage Grouse Swindle
 3-19-12  Summary of Findings Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS
 2-25-12  The Introduction of Agriculture and It's Impact on Sage Grouse
 1-18-12  BLM National Greater Sage Grouse Planning Strategy Stakeholder Update
 1-18-12  Stakeholders Meeting - Bi-State Sage Grouse
 1-18-12  The Greater Sage Grouse: Life History, Distribution, Status & Conservation
 12-22-11  Greater Sage Grouse Interim Management Policies and Procedures
 12-21-11  A Report on National Greater Sage Grouse Conservation Measures
 12-11  National Greater Sage Grouse Conservation Measures Planning Strategy
 12-10-10  Impact of Federal Land Policies on the Economy of Elko County
 10-23-10  Economic Importance of Livestock in Nevada's Cow Counties
 3-12-10  Conference Report for the NRCS Sage-grouse Initative
 2005  Impacts of Predation on Greater Sage-Grouse in Strawberry Valley, Utah
 10-16-04  Selective Targeting of Alpha Coyotes to Stop Sheep Depredation
 7-04  Status Review and Petition to List the Greater Sage Grouse as ESA
 10-03  Monitoring of Greater Sage-grouse Habitats and Populations
 2000  Economics of Predation Management in Relation to Agriculture, Wildlife, etc.
 3-1-92  Behavioral Effects of Removal of Coyote Pups from Dens
 10-15-81  Coyote Management - A Rationale for Population Reduction
 1-1-73  Coyote Denning as a Method of Damage Control
 1819-1997  Federal Jurisdiction Within States