Miscellaneous Notices




 Type of Notice  Name/Project  Date 
Ordinance Passed 08-2016 Ordinance 2016-01 -click here February 9, 2016
Completion Elko County Jail Men's and Women's Housing Additions PWP EL- 2014-194- click here January 11, 2016
Completion Elko County Courthouse Exterior Window Replacement - click here November 6, 2015
Completion  2015 Spot Improvements and Road Maintenance Project, PWP- EL2015-201- click here September 30, 2015
Intent to File   Montello Springs Rehab - click here  April 21, 2015
 Completion  Cottonwood Creek Bridge Replacement- click here
 October, 2014
 Completion   Frankin River and Pole Canyon Bridge Replacement -
  click here
 October 3, 2014
 Completion Boyd Kennedy & Twin Bridges Approach Subgrade
  Treatment and Overlay Improvements- click here
 August 13, 2014