Traffic Tickets



On your traffic ticket you will find the court you are assigned to for payment or to appear before the judge.  You can contact the court to make your payment or get information on the court date.  If you do not pay or do not appear as assigned, a bench warrant for your arrest will be issued.  

With a bench warrant also comes the possibility of affecting your credit report and suspension of your driver's license.  The courts are under no obligation to send you a reminder of when your payment is due or your appearance is scheduled, although most courts will send a reminder to the address listed on the ticket.

Below are the Elko County Courts and phone numbers.        
Carlin Justice Court (775) 754-6321 (Pacific Time Zone)
Eastline Justice Court (775) 664-2305 (Mountain Time Zone)
Elko Justice Court (775) 738-8403 (Pacific Time Zone)
Jackpot Justice Court (775) 755-2456 (Mountain Time Zone)
Wells Justice Court (775) 752-3726 (Pacific Time Zone)