Elko County Commissioner,  District #1
Demar Dahl

Terms:  2008 Elected, 2011 Chair, Re-elected 2012

Boards Serving On:    Public Lands Chair, Central Nevada Regional Water Authority, Humboldt River Basin Water Authority,  American Lands Council, Western Counties Alliance, Nevada Association of Counties, Debt Management Commission, Team GBC

Liaison To:  City of Wells, City of West Wendover, Town of Jackpot, Town of Montello, Town of Owyhee, Town of Mountain City, Town of Jarbidge, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Elko County Conservation Districts

Contact Information          Cell Phone:   (775) 741-4168





Elko County Commissioner, District #2
Charlie Myers

Terms:  2002 Elected, 2006 Re-elected, 2010 Re-elected, 2013 Vice Chair

Boards Serving On:   Highway Board Chair, Regional Transportation Commission, Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority, Debt Management Commission,  Auditorium Authority (ECVA),  Wildlife Chair,  USFS-RAC, DOE Nevada Site Specific Advisory Board, Northeastern Nevada Regional Railport, Elko County Budget Committee, Fire District

Liaison To:  Nevada Department of Transportation, City of Elko (Alternate), Nevada Division of Wildlife, Elko County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife, Nevada Division of Forestry

Contact Information             Cell Phone:  (775) 934-8118





Elko County Commissioner, District #3
Glen Guttry

Terms:   Appointed by Governor Gibbons on December 22, 2010, Re-elected 2012, 2013 Chair

Boards Serving On:   Liquor Board Chair,  Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital, Recreation Board, Humboldt River Basin Water Authority,  Elko County Budget Committee, Northeastern Nevada Regional Railport, Fire District, Team GBC

Liaison To:  City of Elko, Elko Senior Activity Programs, National Guard

Contact Information                Cell Phone:  (775) 934-3038





Elko County Commissioner, District #4
R. Jeff Williams

Terms:  2010 Elected, 2012 Chair

Boards Serving On:  Highway Board, Regional Transportation Commission, Mining Sustainability, Northeastern Nevada Museum, Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital

Liaison To:  City of Carlin, Town of Midas, Town of Tuscarora, California Trails Center Board,  Natural Resources Management Advisory Commission, Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group, Spring Creek Association (Alternate) Juvenile Department, Sheriff's Office, LEPC, China Springs Advisory Committee, Library Board of Trustees, School District, CIS - Communities in Schools

Contact Information               Cell Phone:  (775) 738-8745




Elko County Commissioner, District #5
Grant Gerber

Terms:  2012 Elected

Boards Serving On:   Central Nevada Regional Water Authority, Museum, NevadaWorks

Liaison To:  Spring Creek Association, Great Basin College, Te-Moke Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians, Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley, Natural Resources Management Commission (Alternate) American Lands Council (Alternate), Mining Sustainability

Contact Information                Cell Phone:  (775) 934-7507