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Juvenile Detention Center

The Elko County Juvenile Probation Department’s mission is to provide a continuum of services and sanctions to juveniles and their families to help create a safer community.

Mission and Goals:
Elko County Juvenile Detention Center is a secure holding facility for the temporary detention of juvenile offenders.  N.R.S. 62B.210 mandates that the facility be “constructed and conducted as nearly like a home as possible”.  Within this framework, our mission is twofold: 1) Protecting the community by securely housing juveniles that may be or have been involved in activities injurious to the public; and 2) Providing for the safe and secure detention of juveniles detained within the facility.

In addition to serving Elko County, the Elko County Juvenile Detention Center also serves as a regional detention facility providing services to White Pine, Eureka and Lincoln Counties; and contractual services to the Bureau of Indian Affairs; and the Youth Parole Bureau.  Contract placements are only accepted when design capacity allows.

To provide for the juvenile’s basic needs including shelter, food, clothing,
     and medical care.
To protect the rights of juveniles during residence.
To provide for the educational, physical, emotional, and social needs of
     detained juveniles.
To administer programs, rules, discipline, and controls in a firm, fair, and
     consistent manner.
To nurture and encourage acceptable behavior.