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The Elko-Lander-Eureka County Library System is a tri-county system with the Elko Library as the headquarters which includes 10 branches: Austin, Battle Mountain, Carlin, Crescent Valley, Eureka, Jackpot, Tuscarora, West Wendover, Wells and the Northeastern Nevada Bookmobile.

Nevada Revised Statute 379.002 defines the goal of public libraries as "providing the resources and trained staff to meet the informational needs of all citizens.  The Elko-Lander-Eureka Library System will provide materials to all members of our communities to meet their educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs, utilizing both print and non-print technology.  We are dedicated to providing quality service to all.

The purpose of the Elko-Lander-Eureka Library System is to preserve and disseminate knowledge and thought as recorded in print and other media, and to provide a maximum of assistance to our clients in the use of the collection.  We seek to build knowledge, understanding, appreciation and wisdom in our adults, young people and children in so doing to reduce ignorance, superstition and indifference.  We constantly strive to maintain the democratic principles of our American heritage.  We feel a deep responsibility under the federal constitution to promote the broad dissemination of ideas upon which a democracy thrives.

The Elko-Lander-Eureka Library System strives to give equality in library service to all areas of the tri-county library system.  It is the duty of the public library to collect information to the maximum extent possible; to make it available to all and to assist all people to find and use the information that is contained therein.  The public library's greatest asset is its neutrality and availability to present ideas representative of all points of view.

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