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Public Guardian

The Mission of the Elko County Public Guardian is to provide quality guardianship services to the citizens in need, in order to ensure their interests are protected.

The Elko County Public Guardian's Office provides guardianship services to wards of the state.  Prior to assuming guardianship, this office conducts a thorough investigation in order to determine the actual competence of the individual as well as to ascertain if there are any family members or friends who may be willing and able to provide the necessary care.  Upon assuming guardianship, the Public Guardian oversees the financial and/or medical requirements of their assigned wards.

Whenever possible, the Public Guardian attempts to include the ward in the decisions that will impact his/her life.

A Public Guardian's services are utilized when:     
          *There is no family.     
          *Family members are ill, elderly or other circumstances prevent their effective performance
            as guardian.     
          *Friends or family have exploited or neglected the person and would not be suitable to service.

This office offers support and services if there is a family member who is willing and able to perform the duties of guardianship.

             Nevada Guardianship Compliance Office - Fraud Hotline 1-833-421-7711.