General Road Information


Roads Openings/Closures
Harrison Pass - OPEN
Maggie Summit - OPEN
Charleston Road - OPEN
Gold Creek Road - OPEN

We make every effort to keep this information updated; however, please call the Roads office at  (775) 738-5036 before you travel for any change in conditions.

Roads Closed Due to Construction  
None at present time


Dust Suppressant  
We apply dust suppressant to county roads in the late spring and summer months.  We use magnesium chloride and ammonium lignin sulphonate.  Dust suppressant is applied to approximately 136 miles of county roads.


Bridge Work 
None at this time.


Roads Washout Out 
None at this time.



The addressing of houses and street signs is done through our Community Development Department.  They can be reached at (775) 738-6816.

Speeding on county roads is not only dangerous, it also causes washboards to form faster which in turn means a higher cost for maintenance on roads.  Please obey the speed limit.