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Treasurer's Office

Elko County Treasurer   
Cheryl Paul 
Cheryl Paul 

The primary function of this department is to bill, collect and apportion real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and special assessments in Elko County.  All County revenues filter through this office and are accounted for daily.  The office distributes the tax dollars to the various taxing entities including the state, county, school district, libraries and other special districts.

The Treasurer invests all available monies and insures appropriate cash flow to accommodate apportionments and appropriated expenditures.

Our Objective:  "We are here to serve the Public"

Drive-Up Drop Box in Parking Lot Across From 540 Court Street.

Effective 2021-2022 fiscal year the Salt Lake Basin Sanitation District fee assessment will no longer be billed monthly.  As stated in Resolution NO 2020-30 the sanitation fee will be added to your property tax bill.  Click here for list of parcels effected.